Romance Chezreine

Romance Chezreine is a lingerie series that is amazingly comfortable to wear and does not constrict your body. Born out of a totally new concept, which is to combine the external slimming and proportioning effect of fabric and patterning with the power of bio-friendly light that affects health, cellulite and blood circulation to promote beauty from within.

For a Healthy Beautiful You

Posture Corrections

Radiant Heat Effect

Improves Blood Circulation

Body Shaping

De-clumping of Water Molecules

Antioxidative Effect


Personal Consultation & Fitting session

  • A detailed body analysis to help you better understand your health, body and figure goals.
  • In-depth explanation on the uniqueness of our RC shapewear.
  • Learn how to create a sleek body contour with simple and easy steps.

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As long as you are someone who cares about your health, body and wants to not only look good but feel good every day, Romance Chezreine shapewear is for you!

It would be useful for you to understand more about your body, the shapewear and the suitability of the product in fitting your needs and goals. Our friendly consultants will be taking your measurements and showing you how to wear the shapewear correctly in order to enjoy the full benefits of the product.

Definitely not, you are not obligated to purchase anything after your session. We do not believe in hard selling.

The results of every individual will vary because everyone’s health and body is different, this is also dependent on an individual’s lifestyle and diet. The shapewear has helped improve the lives and health of many other women, you can read more about it here!

As it is highly recommended for you to wear the shapewear daily, having 2 sets will allow you to rotate in between wears and washes. This ensure you get the best effect of Shinick β by keeping them in the best condition.

A proper fitting shapewear can last up to 3 years with daily wear and proper care. Even with proper care, it is normal that over time the fabric will stretch with wear and tear.

The sizing is different due to the characteristics of the fabric used. We recommend that you have your size measured correctly at a salon before selecting the items you want.

We recommend that you buy the size that fits you properly. Using a size that is too tight for you for many hours will hinder the flow of blood and lymph, and may cause edema or cold limbs. It may cause imbalance in the parts of your body that are not covered by the garments.

You can certainly wear them for long periods everyday because the pressure applied is very comfortable. The effect of Shinick β will be more obvious if you wear it everyday. The garment will correct your posture and shape your bodyline, so you can be more confident in your appearance. Doux Correcte will be your trustworthy “bodyguard”.

It is perfectly okay to wear the Camisole or the Girdle on its own. However, to maximize the effects of the shapewear, it is recommended for you to wear it as a set.

For hygiene purposes, we would recommend for you to wear an underwear underneath the shapewear.

Please do not use them at bedtime. Movement during sleep may cause them to move, which may hurt you.

Please avoid washing them in a washing machine. The lace parts will deteriorate quickly if you wash them in a washing machine. We recommend that you wash them by hand using a weak alkaline detergent. Proper handling is the key to long-lasting enjoyment of your garments.